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A lot of our clients like to track our weather from wherever they live, and I don’t blame them – I used to do it myself before I lived here.  He’s how I follow storms and what to look for in weather.  Things can be different here in the mountains, so here some things I’ve observed living here. As with all weather, storm prediction is kind of a crapshoot; a great forecast can fizzle out and a weak forecast can strike gold. But these sites at least put some parameters around our hopes and expectations.

There are a lot of choices for information, but my go-to source is OpenSnow Utah, written by Evan Thayer. He offers a concise daily forecast that can be a bit technical, but is worth the effort. The website has a lot of information like 10-day outlook

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It’s a great time to visit Park City and Deer Valley resorts from now until they close for the season on April 10, 2016.  Now that we’re past the Daylight Savings Time change, the sun sets after 7:30pm and so you can have to best of both worlds of ski season and shoulder season – ski all day, and still have time to check out properties for sale!

Even if where you live the snow may have melted and flowers have started blooming, there’s still plenty of great skiing here in Park City.  Spring is coming here too, but not so quickly.  As we transition into April, crowds start to die down and it’s easier to find lodging.  And since lodging is easier to find, nightly rental properties are easier to get into to view as well.

When it comes to the quality

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Do you think issues such as development, affordable housing, and traffic are the hottest topics in town?  Think again -- the hottest topic is when and where dogs can go off-leash.  Dogs must be leashed at all times in both Park City and Summit County except in designated dog parks, but those laws were routinely ignored by many who want a large area for their dogs to run around. There have been some unfortunate incidents of off-leash dogs attacking people, other pets, or wildlife and this has galvanized both the off-leash and on-leash sides of the discussion.

Park City Council recently changed course and allowed off-leash dogs in two areas where dog owners had often let their dogs run off-leash anyway: the grassy area near the library on Park Ave. and

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Although our laws have some quirks, you definitely can walk right into a bar and say, "I'd like a Maker's Mark on the rocks, please" and that's what you'll get. Glass of wine with dinner? No problem. Beer with lunch on the slopes? Sure thing. If you want a particular mixed drink, my suggestion is to just ask your bartender or server what they can do for you.  They know what can and can't be done under the law.  It can get complicated; I'll try to summarize what you need to know and skim over the rest. If you want to know more, don't hestitate to reach out to us in comments, email, or give us a call!

Flight of sake at Shabu on Main Street

This is one of the most common questions we get about visiting and living in Park City. We understand the

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It's finally here!  In addition to access, the gondola provides new spectacular views of the region.  Looking back toward the Park City side, you see the King Con runs in the foreground and the Uinta mountains in the background.

Now if you start at the Park City side, you can easily take a couple runs on the Canyons side, maybe have lunch at the renovated Cloud Dine on the top of the Dreamcatcher and Dreamscape chairs.  Just in case you end up on the "wrong side" at the end of the day, there's a dedicated bus that will take you back to where you started.  That's in addition to the free Park City bus service.

NOTE to beginners: there are no green runs on the Canyons side beyond the terminus of the gondola.  However, on a bluebird day like

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As a landlord, I wrote a post a while back based upon how I post properties for rent.  I choose the free services like craigslist since I manage them myself.  Recently however, I saw a For Rent sign in my neighborhood and couldn't find it listed on the free sites, so I did a bit more research . . . 

Some owners hire property management companies that do not always list rentails on the free sites.  These are a couple prominent long-term rental property management companies here in Park City:

Angel Properties:
Coalition Management:

If you're moving here to work in Park City and you just can't find anything in your price range, other neighboring communities like

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Whether a quick day-trip or a weekend getaway, fall is a great time to visit.  The town is pretty quiet, which means you can walk right into your favorite restaurant and get a table, though call ahead to be sure that they're open.  It's also easy to get into houses, condos, and especially ski properties since most of the ones on the market will be vacant.  In between you can go on a hike, ride your bike, or take in a show at the Egyptian Theater.  For the budget minded, lodging rates rates are at their lowest.  So come on out and see us!

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Did you watch the premiere of Blood & Oil last night and hadn't realized that North Dakota had such beautiful mountains?  That's because the show is the very first to be filmed at the new Park City Film Studios on Rt.248 (Kearns Blvd.) near US-40, across the road from the hospital and the Quinn's Junction Sports Complex.  The pilot was shot here in March, and in coming weeks you may recognize some of the scenes that were shot on locations on Main Street, including the No Name Saloon.

A new neighborhood called Park City Heights is just starting to spring up on the land behind the film studio and up against the mountains the other side of the northeastern end of Lower Deer Valley.  I just checked with the developer, and they anticipate starting

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It's always exciting to see the white stuff!  In reality, early snows like this are just a tease.  In my experience, the snows that contribute to the snowpack start in late October and early November.  Still, it's always great to see this harbinger of a great ski season ahead.  Get ready!


Thanks to my friend Eileen in Silver Creek for this great picture this morning!  Silver Creek (not to be confused with Silver Lake, Silver Star, Silver Springs, Silver Summit, or Silver Strike) is just north of I-80 across from the end of US-40. It's still close to the action at 10-15 minutes from Canyons Village, but offers larger lots and is popular with people who have horses, want big yards for animals to run around, and has the option for large outbuildings

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Are you ready to move to Park City, but aren't ready to buy a home just yet?  We at don't manage rental properties, but we do get questions all the time asking where to look for long-term rental options.  

Most apartment-style properties in and around Park City are condo complexes in which each unit is individually owned rather than traditional apartment complexes in which one party owns and manages the whole building or development.  Some owners live in their homes full time, and others own them as investments and rent them out.  Some of these individual owners rely on 3rd-party services, but most advertise and manage their properties on their own.

You can find listings from many of these owners on these two free web sites -

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