Park City real estate is at the most ideal elevation: Not to high & Not to low

Posted by Julie Olsen on Tuesday, August 8th, 2006 at 1:58pm.

One of the benefits I hear from people who enjoy spending the ski season in Park City is that the elevation isn't too high to cause much altitude sickness.The towns elevation is around 6800 feet.  Many of the ski towns in Colorado have much higher elevations in which one traveling to the area from lower elevations will more likely experience altitude sickness. This recently came to my attention while working with a client who brought it up with me while looking at property the other day.  They notice when they take ski trips to Colorado there tends to be someone in the group who comes down with altitude sickness. Yet that never seems to be the case when they take their ski trips to Park City. I felt it was an important benefit that Park City offers to folks who travel to the area as well as for those who want to purchase a second home in a ski town.  No one wants to be sick when on vacation. So the Park City base area elevation is about 6800 and the highest lift is at about 10,000 feet. In Vail the base of the resort is about 8200 feet and the highest lift at about 11,000 feet. In Aspen the base of the resort is about 8000 feet and the highest lift about 11,000 feet.  At Breckenridge the base of the resort is quite high at 9600 feet and the highest lift at 13,000 feet. Winter Park's resort base is at 9000 feet and the highest lift at 12,000 feet.  If you look the resorts on the east coast they are so low that it is some times tough for them to get enough snow. So there is a happy medium with altitude since you don't want to be too high to cause discomfort when visiting but you want high enough elevation to offer great snow conditions.  Park City offers the best of both worlds.

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