Staging to help sell your Park City Utah Home or Condo

Posted by Julie Olsen on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006 at 7:35am.

More people are starting to hear about the benefits of staging their home to sell.  I'm a true believer in staging a home to sell.  To help provide more service to my listing clients, I trained with to become an Accredited Staging Professional Realtor.  It has really helped me provide a greater level of customer service to my clients.  My last listing was under contract in only 3 weeks when their hadn't been any other condos under contract in that same development in a few months.  I provide complimentary staging consultations to my clients and some help as well. My last client I helped move boxes of clutter to her storage room and helped move some of her furniture around to better show off the space.  If a client needs more extensive staging then I can help them locate a full time stager who can take it to the next level of staging. It's amazing how important it can be to the sale of the home.  You can spend as much or as little money on it as you would like.  I have a client who is actually a buyer wanting to buy a second home in Park City and is selling an investment property in another state to purchase this second home.  I gave her advise on staging and she was able to do an amazing job with only spending $10.  Her listing agent in Illinois was amazed on how well it showed.She borrowed items from friends and family to minimize the costs. Now if you are selling a vacant home it will cost some dollars but it can be dollars well spent. It's harder to sell a vacant home than a furnished home.  A furnished home helps people envision themselves living in the home.  People tend to spend more time in previewing a home that is furnished than a vacant home.  The more time someone spends in a home previewing the better your chances are for selling the home to that person.  I also read this recent article on staging in our local newspaper that talks more about staging.  A great show to watch that covers the concept of staging is Design to Sell on HGTV.  If you are thinking about selling your Park City home or condo and would like to work with a realtor trained in staging please contact me. I would like to help you sell your home faster and for more money.  How we live in our home and how we market our home are two different things.

 About Author  A Local Park City Utah Realtor with Equity Real Estate Luxury Group helping buyers find their Park City or Deer Valley dream home. I've lived full time in Park City for over 23 years.  I enjoy showing newcomers all that Park City  has to offer in this wonderful place I call home. 

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